It’s Hot in Paradise

The kids and I visited Paradise Country on Sunday afternoon while Adrian did something with Blu. It was really hot! We donned our cowboy hats and ventured into the farm themed park. The first stop was the baby animal nursery. Clarissa loved the baby pigs. They were cute its just a shame they don’t stay that size. Zach enjoyed patting the baby cow.

The patting zoo area was next. There was mostly sheep and goats in here so we didn’t stay long as we have patted them before.

We wandered over to the Aussie animals and enjoyed seeing the koalas up close. One was walking around and even jumped to a new branch in search of a comfy sleeping spot. Having seen many kangaroos and the heat now getting to us we headed out to see what else we could find.

There was a billy tea and damper demonstration coming up so to fill in time we tried a bit of panning for gem stones.  The kids found quite a few (although only tiny). With stones in pockets we headed to the campfire and found a seat on the logs.


We were shown how to make billy tea, including swinging the pot, and then we sampled some of the much needed goodness as well as some lovely sultana damper.


We watched a quick stock horse show in the arena and then got to meet the horse. She was beautiful.

It was time to meet up with Daddy and Blu and we were all thankful for the air conditioned comfort.


Our stop was short but enjoyable. Thanks Paradise Country.

Michelle xo