There’s no Business Like Show Business

As we first went through the Movie World gates, I saw the coasters and was very excited for the fun we would have! We wandered down the main street and enjoyed the old time movie set feeling.

Our first stop was the stunt car show. The show was loud, smelly and awesome. The cars were looping around the set in figure 8s so close I thought they might crash. We were pretending we were on a set for a new movie. The drivers were incredible.



Kids WB was our next stop. The rides were fun. I really enjoyed the road runner rollercoaster.  It had fast corners and a sudden stop. Clarissa’s favourite was Sylvester’s Pounce and Bounce where you go up and down on a chair. We tried the junior driving school where we drove little cars around a track. Most of these rides were good for smaller kids.

We grabbed some chips for lunch before trying some of the bigger coasters. Scooby-Doo’s spooky coaster was dark and scarey. I had fun going through the flat corners turning suddenly without going on our sides and it also had a sudden backwards drop after a wobbly lift. It had a turn table which turned us around and then shot us out past lots of light beams. I felt like jelly and sounded like a goat through each corner (insert goat bleating).


The bumper cars were funky. They were in a mini video arcade with lots of cool games. I enjoyed bashing into the other cars and causing traffic jams. I drive Mummy around as well as having a few turns by myself. Tip: the red ones go faster.


We watched an episode of Road Runner in 4D. The chairs moved with every bang that Coyote felt. We even got sprayed by water from the seats in front of us at some parts. It was pretty cool.

Wild West Falls was next on our list. It was a journey back in time through a run down western town.  It is fairly slow paced until the end where you come out of the town and the log boat drops suddenly down the water tracks. I got very wet!

I was a bit scared to try the big rollercoasters with Daddy. I watched him do them first then I “found my will” and pushed through my fear. Green Lantern was the slowest of the 3 big ones. It turns upside-down and twists through burms. You don’t really feel upside-down as you are strapped down in your seat tightly. It was awesome!


Superman escape was crazy fast….superman fast! It starts slow going through a collapsing subway scene then suddenly shoots you out at 100km/hr. It goes 0-100 in 2 seconds! It made me feel like a pancake flattening in my seat. It drops and turns and goes in and out of “smash” holes in the building. There was even a model Superman pushing the last carriage.



Arkham Asylum is a Joker themed coaster. As it starts the lady says “Enjoy your treatment”. You sit in a harness seat with your legs dangling. I felt like a bat as we twisted through lots of spirals. I loved my first loop the loop and you would enjoy that “treatment” too.

At the end of the day we found a good position on the main street to watch the parade. We had met some of the characters during the day and watched a few small scenes played out. All the characters rode on big floats and the Joker one was my favourite.

I left Movie World feeling tired but excited hoping to come back soon.


5 thoughts on “There’s no Business Like Show Business

  1. Woah you continue to have so many great experiences and see so many new things.
    Between the amazing photos you are all taking and your well written account I feel like I was there too Zach.
    I do like Superman ‘pushing’ the carriages along! The names certainly do show the type of ride and it was nice of you to drive Mummy around.
    Great blog!
    Oma xo

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  2. Hey Zac just read your amazing blog about movie world. What a wonderfully exciting day. Glad it was you on all those roller coasters and not me.! Sounds like you had the best of times. So glad you were able to go more than once and loved the way you described how the rides made you feel…. great writing. 😘

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