The Wet and The Wild 

Wet ‘n Wild was the first park we hit, as well as being our go-to at the end of almost every day to cool off, so it seems fitting to cover it first.

We decided to walk there on the first day, after being assured by the caravan park staff that it was only a 15 minute walk… Big mistake! After 40 mins walking through the blazing sun and Queensland humidity, we were all questioning why we had been so keen for warmer weather. We got to the gate red faced, dripping with sweat and then had to wait while our photos were taken and our passes were made before we could finally cool off.


No body of water has ever looked so inviting as the wave pool that we saw after walking through the gate! Unfortunately photos weren’t allowed in the wave pool, so you will just have to use your imagination! The waves weren’t running so we waded in and enjoyed calm cooling bliss for about 10 minutes until the next cycle started.

Once the wave cycle started, the relaxation ended and Chelle and I were ready to get out,  however, the kids loved it so we let them bob and bodysurf for a few more minutes before we waded out to look at the rest of the park.

The Junior H2O Zone was a multi level water playground just for kids, complete with the obligatory giant tipping bucket as well as small replicas of lots of the full sized slides. Clarissa had decided that she didn’t like waterslides (despite the fact that she loves water and loves slides) so while she was happy splashing around the playground, it wasn’t until the end of the second day that she finally came up to Chelle to proudly tell her that she was going to beat her fear and ride all of them… Surprise, surprise, she actually liked them!

Zach on the other hand was to tall for most of the kids slides and became very quickly bored with the ones he was allowed to ride, so the two of us headed off to try the full sized slides.

We had a blast on the 8 way race slides, the regular slides and the 2 person tube Constrictor before heading to the Extreme H2O Zone.

With names like Mach 5, Jetstream, Sidewinder, Tornado, Black Hole and Kamikaze it was obvious these slides weren’t for the faint hearted! At times they feel like you are dropping down a sheer cliff (mainly because you are!). I was so proud of Zach that by our last day, he had ridden all of them,  even the ones he swore he would never try when he first laid eyes on them.

Finally, Zach,  Chelle and I rode the Mammoth Falls Raft slide. This is a rather gentle slide in a 4 person tube, however the height and size proved too much for Clarissa,  despite here newfound confidence. So she stayed at the bottom charged with photography duty.


We left with lots of memories of slippery, slidey fun, fears conquered and wet adventures! We would all love to go back some time!


2 thoughts on “The Wet and The Wild 

  1. So much fun in one place!
    So glad the weather was kind to you and you got to enjoy the great experiences as well as just chill and cool off. xxxx

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  2. Sounds like lots of fun especially when it was such sticky hot weather. The wave pool sounds fun and some of the slides I would have gone down but the ones you and zac went down not so sure. Perhaps once I might have maybe not now. Glad Clarissa braved it. From the smiles on her face she was having a gd time.

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