Your Mission; Should You Choose To Accept It… 

March 8     Movie World – Wet n Wild – Sea World

So, with the theme parks well covered over our week on the Gold Coast, we decided to set ourselves a slightly crazy challenge as our last hurrah before hitting the road again… Our mission; to hit every open and included ride and slide at all three parks in one day!

As we were treating this as a challenge, we laid a few ground rules out for ourselves the night before… The rules were as follows:

1. At least one of us must ride every ride and slide.  

2. We must stay together, no splitting up to go to different parts of the park simultaneously. Anyone not riding must wait and take pictures of those riding. 

3. Any rides that are closed for maintenance are obviously not included (Wild West Falls, The Batwing, Justice League 3D, Calypso Beach, Surfrider and The Storm Coaster were all closed on the day) 

4. Rides that were not included in the admission pass were not included (Wet n Wild Off-road Buggies, Zip line, Giant Swing and Wakeboard Wave.) 

5. Where there are multiple slides that are the same, we would ride only one of each. We treated this the same as sitting in different seats on a ride. 

6. For the purposes of our challenge,  we did not consider Road Runner 4d Theatre, the Whirlpool Springs Spas and the Wave Pool at Wet n Wild or the SeaWorld Monorail to be rides, but rather attractions. The Theatre has set show times and you are just sitting in a seat watching a screen, the Wave Pool & spas are pools not slides and the Monorail is more a form of transportation and doesn’t have a timetable, so you don’t know when it is coming through the stations.

With the rules sorted, we started the day with home-cooked Bacon and Egg muffins and headed out.


We walked in the gates of Movie World at 10:05 (It opens at 10) and headed to WB Kids first off because we knew they got very busy later.

1 – Junior Driving School (Zach, Clarissa & I) 

2 – Yosemite Sam’s Railway (Zach, Clarissa & Chelle) 

3 – Tweety’s Cages (Zach & Clarissa) 

4 – Speedy Gonzalez Taxis (Clarissa) 

5 – Road Runner Coaster (Zach &  I) 

6 – Loony Tunes Carousel (All)


7 – Sylvester’s Bounce and Pounce (Zach & Clarissa)

By this time it was 11:15 and the Stunt Driving show was underway, so we raced out to get as many of the big rides as possible done while the queues were smaller during the show…

8 – Scooby Doo’s Spooky Coaster (Zach & I) 

9 – Intencity Dodgem Cars (Zach, Clarissa & Chelle) 

10 – Doomsday (Zach & I) 

11 – Arkham Assylum Coaster (Zach & I) 

12 – Superman Escape Coaster (Zach & I) 

13 – Green Lantern Coaster (Zach & I) 

Although we made it through the first couple of rides in good time,  by the time we hit Superman the lines were building and a half hour in the line (longer than any of our previous days) knocked us back in time so that as we walked out the gate of Movie World it was 12:50. We piled into Blu and raced to the carpark next door to tackle Wet n Wild (Although it is next door, there is over a kilometre between the entry gates… Ain’t nobody got time to walk that today!)

We raced through to the Mach 5 slides in the Extreme H2O Zone as soon as we were through the gates, this slide tower consists of 2 different slides (The Jetstream and the Sidewinder) which alternate hourly on school term weekdays, so we wanted to get one out of the way up first and then do some other slides while waiting for the changeover.

14 – Mach 5 Part 1 – Sidewinder (Zach & I) 

15 – Tornado (Zach & I) 

16 – Kamikaze (Zach & I) 

17 – Black Hole (Zach & I)

18 – Mach 5 Part 2 – Jetstream (Zach & I) 

As we left the Extreme H2O Zone it was 2:20pm, the climbs to the top of the slides (Often carrying large inflatables) and a big queue on the Black Hole were killing us in terms of both time and strength! We headed to Mammoth Falls before heading to the Junior H2O Zone for Clarissa to do her part on the slides the rest of us weren’t allowed on…As these had very small climbs and we were waiting for one of the slides to switch operators, Clarissa did all of these, even where they were duplicated.

19 – Mammoth Falls (Zach, Chelle & I) 



20 & 21 – Mini Tube Slides (Clarissa) 

22 – Straight Wide Slide (Clarissa) 



23 – Jr Sidewinder (Clarissa & Chelle) 


24,25,26,27 – Playground Slides (Clarissa) 

28 – Jr Tornado (Clarissa &  Zach) 



29,30 – Jr Open Slides (Clarissa) 

31 – Jr Aqua Racer (Clarissa) 

By now we were really starting to sweat the timeline as it was 3:10pm and we still had 5 slides to go and a half hour drive before we could start Seaworld! We raced through the last slides before jumping into Blu and hitting the road…

32 – Constrictor (Zach & I) 

33, 34 – River Rapids Open and Closed (Zach & I) 

35 – Aqua Racer (Zach & I) 

36 – Aqua Loop (Just Me) 

As we were racing (At the speed limit :p ) across town to Sea World, it dawned on us that although we had been drinking copious quantities of soft drink thanks to the bottomless Thirstbusters cup we picked up on the first day, we had not had time to stop for lunch! As it was now 3:55pm there was no time to find a drive through, so a box of BBQ Shapes (Original of course) became our lunch, we were all running on far too much adrenalin to be hungry at this point in any case!

We pulled into Sea World at 4:25pm and raced through the gates like crazy people heading to their only coaster Jet Rescue before hitting Nickelodeon Land right next door.

37 – Jet Rescue (Zach & I) 

38 – Spongebob’s Boating School Blast (Zach & Clarissa) 

39 – Boots’ Banana Boogie (Clarissa) 

40 – Bikini Bottom Crosstown Express (Zach & I) 

41 – Dora’s Fiesta Carousel (Chelle & Clarissa) 

42 – Patricks Jellyfish Frenzy (Zach &  Clarissa) 

43 – Ninja Turtles Urban Surveillance Gliders (All) 

It was now 4:47pm and the last ride on our list was the Battle Boats… At the other end of Sea World! We sprinted all the way through the almost deserted park and made it onto the last boat to leave at 4:54


44 – Battle Boats (Zach, Clarissa & I)

We docked at 4:59, soaking wet and suddenly very tired but we had completed our mission… 3 Theme Parks and 44 rides and slides in one day!

As a reward for a successful mission we drove through HJ’s for dinner and sat and relaxed watching the sun go down over Australia Fair.



A fitting end to an awesome week on the Gold Coast!



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    • You make a good point 🙂 I have never thrown up on a coaster, but I’m sure it is nkt a fun experience! It was definitely crazy, but a heap of fun at the same time!


  1. I read all very seriously until you were leaving wetnwild and then found my heart was racing and I started chuckling as I imagined the scene of you rushing to get it all done in time. Only you Adrian would think of such an awesome challenge to end an awesome stay on the Gold Coast. Well done. So glad you made the most of your Christmas present. Think you are all amazing. Well done everyone. Doubt there is another family who as ever done this. You’ve set the bar high. 😀😘😀😘😀

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    • You just have to wait till the girls are old enough to pull their weight on the kiddy rides and slides you aren’t allowed on! And don’t try it on a busy day… Wouldn’t be possible!


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