Sydney in a Day

February 22-24      Sydney

After a late return last night it was nice to wake up slowly.  Unlike the mornings we had been used to, the weather here was very muggy. We did not take long to get out of bed.

Some rather friendly rainbow lorikeets were watching us from a low tree next to our site. Zach grabbed a grape and held it out for them. His face was priceless as one landed on his arm and enjoyed his fruity gift.


The plan for the day was quite simple…..washing and resting.  We hadn’t done a load of washing since we left Tassie so we were all on the end of our clothes. 4 loads later that problem was sorted. There was a swimming pool that had been calling to the kids all morning so after lunch we donned the bathers and headed towards the cool waters.

While the kids played,  Adrian and I planned. We have been tending to plan about a week at a time to give us a rough idea of direction to travel. Knowing that we were close to Goldcoast time we needed to be a bit more specific so that we could book our week long stay. With a luxurious week booked we headed back to our tent for some afternoon tea and the make the pizza dough ready for dinner.

With dough rising we set off to find the nearest Coles for a couple of groceries. The shopping centre was huge! Spread out over 3 levels were heaps of specialty shops and even an ice rink. We navigated our way around the shops and home again to make our yummy pizzas for tea.

Another sticky morning wake up. Not sure whether I prefer to wake up hot or cold….I’m  leaning towards cold. We hurriedly got ready for today was Taronga Zoo day.  We had worked out which train to catch into the city so headed out towards the station (not before dragging Zach away from trying to feed as many lorikeets as he could). We arrived with 1 minute to spare…phew.

It was super squeezy on board as it was peek hour but the kids were still excitied to be travelling on a double decker train. Then we saw it….the Sydney Harbour Bridge! Two very excited kids were bouncing in front of me. Our train actually travelled over the bridge which was super cool.


The Opera house was next to be spotted as we arrived in Darling Harbour and headed to the ferry. The view from the water is awesome.  You get to take it all in and once Clarissa was convinced she was ok on the boat we had a pleasant ride to the zoo.


Taronga zoo is lovely. You get to enjoy the animals and the view of Sydney at the same time. We had lovely weather for the day as we set out from top to bottom to try and see it all.

At 11am we headed to the seal show. This was a highlight for all of us. The seals were amazing and so graceful in the water. We sat in the sencond row and had an awesome vantage point.  Zach was chosen to interact with Marlee (one of the male seals). He got up close and personal. Zach loved it!

We walked through the Lemar enclosure and the squirrel monkeys too. It was amazing being so close to these mischievous creatures.

After walking almost 3 laps of the very hilly zoo we headed to the ferry to return to Sydney. We had already planned to stay in town later into the evening to see the sights by night. So with time to spare we wandered through the Rocks and enjoyed the amazing architecture of the Queen Victoria building.

We lost the boys to a huge hobby shop. Clarissa and I managed to see most of the shops other 4 levels before them emerged with Zach excitedly holding a bag containing his first model kit, a WW2 Spitfire. We were all starting to fade by now. We found some dinner and then made our way back to the harbour.

Wow! The lights on the bridge and the Opera house were lovely. The whole atmosphere down on the quay at night was much more peaceful from the bustling we had experienced in town. After a few snaps and a little sit it was time to head back to camp.

Wearily we got back on the train and hoped it was the right one. It sort of was, but the lines can go 2 ways so we had to get off most of the way down the line and swap to the right train. Finally we arrived home but we had done Sydney in 1 day.

There was no waking early today as we were still feeling the effects of yesterdays enormity. You see the original plan had been to do Taronga one day and Sydney the next but with the price of public transport and our needing to kill time to see the lights we squeezed it into 1 day. Today we would rest. The kids put fruit in the tree today to test if banana would be as exciting for the birds. It turns out magpies and kookaburras eat it the lorikeets not so much.

Adrian had wanted to get some charging skins for the power tool batteries for charging our phones and running the fans in the heat. So he headed out to do that while the kids and I headed to the pool. I had some journaling to catch up on…7 days to be precise. Some days it just doesn’t happen. So while I tried to remember all that we had done in the last week the kids splashed and snorkeled for a couple of hours.

We headed back for lunch and I think they played on the playground (right next to our site…yay) while I didn’t so much fall asleep as pass out for an hour. The fast paced travelling was starting to catch up with me. After my doze we went back to the pool and it was lovely to dip my toes in but not quiet warm enough to fully entice me in.

Adrian returned having been all over searching for boy things and we enjoyed dinner before getting as much packing done as we could. The forecast for the next day was rain and lots of it. A friendly possum started sniffing around Blu so we grabbed some bread out and Adrian mangaed to feed him a little.

We had everything in and I tucked in while Adrian had a shower. Just as I was snuggling into bed the thunder rolled in and the rain started….perfect timing.

I drifted off to sleep listening to the rain on the tent…..bliss!

Michelle xo