Michelle’s Adelaide


The kids and I had a couple of days resting, playing games, catching up on washing and seeing a few sights. Auntie Lorraine was a great tour guide, showing us the night lights, Belair National Park (where we hunted for ages but finally found 8 koalas), the shops and even showed us how we could get library books out and return them anywhere in SA!

On the weekend the kids and I set out on a great adventure (Adrian has been busily finishing things on the truck and spending time with his Uncle…more info in his post). We were armed with google maps, hats, bags, good walking shoes and a great sense of excitement….we were off to the zoo! This meant navigating public transport in  different state.

After arriving at the train station 10 minutes after the train and realising they only ran every hour, we set out over more hills towards the bus station. We made it with 10 mins  to spare.

Safely on board with tickets not sorted due to a broken down machine,  we enjoyed a lovely but windy ride down to the city. Google maps served us well and we arrived about and hour later ready to explore.

We were greeted by a huge robotic dinosaur! They had a dinosaur alive display as well as the animals. The kids were stoked.

We were excited to see the pandas and instead found ourselves drawn to the hippos, tigers, sea lion and various other animals we don’t have at home.

The Quokkas were very friendly.

We had so much fun and with weary legs we headed to Popeye to ride down the river closer to the train station.

Three weary but happy travellers made it to the train and then home again after a long day a bit wiser and more enlightened about the different animals in God’s wonderful creation.

Weary legs resting now.

Michelle xo

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