Over the Hill and Far Away

With another big drive day planned we set out early from our windswept campsite. The creek bed where we had been riding the night before was completely submerged as the tide had come in at a huge rate. We traveled back to the main road as the emus ran alongside us and kangaroos bounded through the grasses.

The view we experienced as we drove was breathtaking! 

We wound our way through the Flinders Rangers and I mean through. The road was literally carved through the hills. It was super steep and rugged and generally stunning. After an hour of this view we arrived in Melrose for the boys to exhaust themselves on the mountain bike trails.

Breakfast at a local cafe was in order for us girls. We had a very tasty bacon and egg roll and iced tea.


After the boys were worn out we headed towards Adelaide via the Barossa Valley.  It was so lush and we sampled some tasty treats. We visited Maggie Beer’s farm shop (the kids found turtles to watch in the pond and we found tasty dukkah), Apex bakery was delicious for lunch, the lolly shop was sugar overload and the drive was very scenic. I went to my first craft shop in search of quilting fabrics for the quilt I plan to make while we travel. A square to represent each state, made in that state with fabrics from that state. A busy but great idea!

Before we arrived at our desintaion our last stop was the giant rocking horse.  I climbed all the way to the top (a huge feat for me as hights and I don’t get along)!

We arrived in the Adelaide hills for a short stay, and with much thanks to Adrian’s Uncle and Auntie we had beds and a shower and a solid roof for a few nights.

After so much driving one should never underestimate the power of a hot cup of tea that’s been made for you!
Michelle xo