Wayfarers in Warnambool 

Waking up in the bush is like being home. The familiar sounds of birds chirping and wood crackling in the fires (yes there were fires and yes there was need for them….chilly!) The fresh aroma of a cool morning on the trees is something we all love and enjoy. While sitting with Zach (Adrian was out riding and Clarissa sleeping off her birthday) he says to me “I love being in the bush. Its so relaxing and there is so much nature to explore.” 

Once we were packed and ready to head off we embarked on a short drive day, only an hour into Warrnambool. On arrival we got the feeling that we had returned to Busselton, a much loved beach holiday destination. The town made famous by Oddball and the penguins surprised us with what it had to offer. As we searched for a place to stay we passed the coolest playground. It had a maze, huge flying fox, climbing towers, creek to play in, boats (motorised and pedal powered) and so much more.

We found a place to rest our heads the biggest caravan park we have ever seen, 647 sites!

Then we had lunch, did some washing and headed off on our bikes to explore the playground. It didn’t disappoint. 

We had booked in to the night session at Flagstaff Hill to watch their Shipwrecked laser show. It didn’t start till 9.50pm! Adjusting to daylight savings has been a painful, slow process…I still don’t like it. Anyway we had some time to fill in so we headed to the beach for a dip and a play. Let me just say the toes went in and out just as quickly! It was freezing! 

Before dinner we headed up to Flagstaff as they were running a music evening on the grounds and it was a jazz band that night. We didn’t stay long as the kids were getting hangry and Adrian was struggling with the mix (something about speakers doing something they shouldn’t). After dinner and showers to warm up we headed up to watch our show. 

Flagstaff Hill is a period set up maritime village. It is set on a very steep hill with the buildings really well executed.  We were greeted by our guide and walked through the town by lantern light. She told us the history of the Loch Ard, a boat that sailed from Glasgow to Australia in 1878. We ended up at the bottom of the hill in a theatre ready for the laser show. It was anazing. It was projection of the story and lasers all telling the tragic tale of the voyage.  A must see if you are ever in Warnambool!

The next day,  after packing up camp, we returned to the museum for a day of history fun. The kids took part in the holiday programs of making coconut ice and a soft toy penguin. There was a clue trail for the kids to follow and we all enjoyed the old buildings and memorabilia. 

Our shortest drive followed….just half an hour! We arrived in Panmure at a free camp right by a playground. We had a lovely peaceful afternoon and as the evening fell the backpakers arrived! So many camper vans overtook our solitary site….but at least they aren’t rowdy. 

Finally on track with our dinner and bedtimes we hope to make an early start for tomorrow’s adventure on the Great Ocean Road.

Michelle xo

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