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January 9   Elliston-Port Lincoln

After a couple of nights recouping at Elliston it was time to bid farewell to the jumping pillow and swimming pool and deck chairs and showers and grass underfoot and hit the road again to see what Port Lincoln had in store.

With the kids watching a movie, Chelle and I had the rolling hills, lakes and mountains in the distance all to ourselves, for a peaceful drive through the countryside with the soundtrack provided by Third Day. After the distances covered earlier in the week the 2 hour hop across the peninsula seemed like a quick trip to the shops for milk!

We arrived just before lunch to a glorious day in Port Lincoln and had a picnic on the foreshore for lunch followed by a stroll along the jetty.


On our return we discovered Big Blu had made a friend!


These guys are from Kwinana and had left a few days before us on a year long lap, neither of us knew about the others and neither of us had ever seen anyone else wrap their bonnet with a map before! You can check out their Facebook page here. We spent a few minutes chatting and exchanging stories before we headed out to Whalers Way for the afternoon.

Whalers Way is absolutely amazing and we highly recommend it to anyone who is travelling through Port Lincoln! The view from the cliffs is amazing, the rock formations are very interesting and the beaches with their ever deepening turquoise water are stunning.


I scaled the cliff down to Cowrie Bay (The guide sheet calls it “Rugged but accessible”, the “accessible” is borderline) and collected shells for the kids who couldn’t make it down the cliff.


We spent the evening exploring and wading in the beach (The water was WAY too cold for swimming) at Red Bank, right at the end of the bay then camped just on top of the cliffs overlooking the bay.



This has been our favourite campsite so far and we wished we could have stayed longer.


I have to go and finish fitting the new water tank to Big Blu now (More on that later) check in soon for more  updates!


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  1. Wow. Everyone is making friends- that’s really cool!
    Yes I agree Whalers Way looks so beautiful and refreshing , great spot to have found.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos, almost feels like we’re there……..
    Heaps of love to you all

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