What a Week!

As I lie here in Adelaide, in a real bed for the first time in a week and a half, finally writing the first post on our blog, it seems surreal that it has only been a week since I was pulling crazy all-nighters putting the finishing touches on Big Blu so we could get underway! In that week we have travelled half way across the continent, pitched our tent in some amazing places (and once had to pack it up in the middle of the night!), visited even more, caught up with friends and family we haven’t seen in ages, and it seems like a long time ago that Big Blu emerged from the SSP warehouse at 5am on a Tuesday morning finally ready to load up and hit the road.

2017-01-03 05.04.25.jpg

Before I go any further, I would like to thank everyone who helped with getting us ready and kept us in prayer  in the lead up to this trip! There is no way we would have had everything ready without all of your support and prayers.

Over the next few days, as we stay in Adelaide, we will catch you all up on the adventures we have had on our first week on the road and then we will keep you updated as often as we have range on our phones.

Also keep an eye on our Instagram feed for our most recent photos!

Thanks for checking in and we look forward to sharing our Big Adventure with you!






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