It’s My Birthday, I Can Swim If I Want To! 

January 17 (My Birthday!)    Naracoorte – Mt Gambier – Mt Clay

When I woke up I saw bunting, that Mummy had made, hanging above my bed! It was my birthday! There was a stack of presents all piled up neatly with a light up letter ‘C’ in front of it all. I woke Mummy and Daddy up and got big Happy Birthday hugs and kisses! We had to wait until Zach woke up to open my presents. I loved all my presents, I got lots of money to spend on our trip and a purse to keep it in, lots of lollies, a couple of little toys to play with and some books to read while we drive, some stationary and a pencil case (Called Charlotte) as well as some special shells and the promise of a shopping trip with Mummy at Harbor Town in Melbourne! 

After breakfast we packed up and went to see the house that Daddy lived in when he was a baby. We even met the lady who is living there now. 

After that we drove to Mt Gambier (Zach and I watched Alvin and the Chipmunks) then Mummy and I went to a quilt shop and I found Mummy lots of cool Tilda fabrics. We visited a cool cave garden in the middle of town then had scones and tea (Well I actually had Fanta, in a glass bottle!) at a beautiful little teashop that looked like Mummy’s craft room and was called the Vintage Daisy.

I chose Maccas for lunch, it was the best Maccas ever! Then we went and saw a crazy Blue Lake in an extinct volcano, it was blue even though the sky was grey. We climbed up (and down) 175 steps to the top lookout.

Even though it was cold we went to an Olympic size swimming pool because I wanted to swim on my Birthday and we had hotdogs in a brioche buns for dinner. 

On the way to our new campsite in the bush we crossed the border into Victoria. 

By the time we got there it was dark and waaay past my bedtime. We set up camp and had Freddo Frog icecream cake even though we were all freeeeezing. I went to bed tired but happy after an awesome birthday! 

Thank you everyone for all the birthday love! 

Clarissa xoxo

3 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday, I Can Swim If I Want To! 

  1. Such a good Birthday Clarissa and lovely to hear all that u did. Well written and pa and I loved the photos. 🎉🎉 the Tea Rooms looked lovely just like mummy’s craft room. A birthday you will always remember. Luv u heaps. Xxxxx

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  2. Happy Birthday Clarissa. I see you are now in possession of a Famous Five book. When my sister and I were growing up we used to read those books voraciously whenever we could get our hands on them. We’re enjoying hearing about your adventures!

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